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Fast catamarans (deniz otobüsü) and ferries (feribot) connect Greek islands to Turkey. Fast catamarans run from Marmaris to Rhodes every day, from Rhodes to Marmaris every day.
From May to October the fast catamarans cross the sea in the morning and evening.
The fast catamarans are comfortable passenger vessels, running the international sea lines in a fast and safe manner.
The fast catamarans are the best way to travel from Turkey to Greece by sea.
The locations of sea ports in all destinations are very convenient for travel, connecting resorts airports and bus stations.
For same day return passengers shuttle bus service is provided free of charge in Marmaris and Bodrum. Once booked online please contact us to request this free service.
Crossing time from Marmaris to Rhodes and from Rhodes to Marmaris is approximately 60 minutes.
Please allow 60 minutes for check in and passport control, as well as your duty free shopping.
Please note that the boarding gate closes 30 minutes prior to sailing to ensure onward connections are maintained.
For travel updates and bookings email or call 0090252 417 1128 or see our website for any travel updates.
For available sailing times on a particular day please visit our Online Booking system on and for dates not listed on the schedules please email
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